Zurgena will benefit from nearly half a million euros for the renovation and improvement of water infrastructure

The municipality of Zurgena will benefit in the near future a total investment of 416.035 euros for the improvement and renewal of water infrastructure. The full City Council has approved Zurgena in the day Wednesday the second of the projects to be implemented soon and that will be funded by the Provincial de Almería and the city of Zurgena. En total, the Consistory will bring 124.810 euros, namely, the 30% of each project, making a big commitment to improving infrastructure.

The initiative approved in plenary will add to the previous project within referred to as 'Renewal Plan Hydraulic Infrastructure of Almeria', allowing the execution of the renovation of the supply networks of drinking water in many streets of the town. The work under the first project, budgeted 191.035 euros, will allow infrastructures streets where supply networks are obsolete are improved, which causes numerous malfunctions that cause high water losses and difficult to administer and manage an effective way of available resources. Specifically, The project will act in ways the core of the Alfoquía streets like Avenue New; Virgen del Saliente; Marquis of Zurgena; Uptown; Camino Real; Glen Smith; in the neighborhood Los Limoneros and Avenida Andalucía.

In all cases it will proceed to the replacement of the existing network of fiber cement, polyethylene and PVC with a new supply network. During the execution of the next work, current supply networks will not be dismantled or demolished, maintaining its service while the new pipelines run over them and made new residential connections.

Moreover, The project approved in full by value 225.000 euros and in addition to that described above, the aforementioned routes will be added to the initiative approved in plenary Street Extramuros; the perimeter of the flag in the core Zurgena; Avenue Arboleas (La Alfoquía) as well as, in the neighborhood of Los Llanos del Peral, the streets Bulgaria, street Italy; Malta street and road Limaria.

El alcalde the Zurgena, Luis Diaz, has valued "very positively" collaboration between administrations "serve to end as important as the supply of water and the problems arising from the poor condition of the pipeline problem suffered many neighbors". For Mayor, with this important work "will end the constant interruptions that had been suffering many zurgeneros". Also, He has advanced to "soon reach the municipality of Zurgena more major works".

Similarly, once you complete the next task of replacing pipes and connections, and backfilled trenches, It will proceed to replacement of pavement, both vials and steely.