XIV International Competition for Poetry Young 'Martín García Ramos’ for children under 31 years old.

The International Youth Poetry Contest "Martín García Ramos" this year celebrates its fourteenth edition. The delegate of Education, Isabel Arevalo, has presented the foundations of literary competition in an event which has also involved the director of IES "Martín García Ramos", Small towers Francisco.

Each poet may submit one work, which must be original and unpublished, Technical and free subject and shall consist of a length of between 700 and 1.000 verses, understood as all that unpublished work that has not been reproduced in whole or in part in any support, either graphic or digital.

The award is endowed with 6.000 euros and the publication of the work in a prestigious publishing. The original deadline for the day concludes 13 March 2015. The awards ceremony will take place on 25 April 2015 IES in Albox and during the same shall be reading some of the poems of the winning.

During the presentation, Isabel Arevalo thanked to IES Martín García Ramos their efforts in organizing the event and highlighted the satisfaction that you “see how another year this event is celebrated as directly related to calls involved with art, values ​​and where our students have a reference: excellence, the creation and expression of the best human capacities of the participants”.

The director of IES "Martín García Ramos", Small towers Francisco, family thanked his involvement with the event now in its fourteenth edition. Also, He said that the objective is to maintain the quality of the. We have a large share, has been receiving between 200 and 240 poemarios, above all, Youth of Spain and Latin America.

The jury will be chaired by Jon Juaristi, poet, novelist, essayist and translator, coordinated by the Director of IES "Martín García Ramos" and consisting of several specialist teachers in Spanish Literature designated by the Coordinating Committee of the Competition, Catalina García Pérez, Family member García Ramos and winners of the last contests. It's a contest to authors under 31 years and original unpublished poems, written in Castilian.