'We Love Jazz "will travel this weekend to Albox, Macael and Dalías


Provincial Delegation of Almeria will bring programming II Swing Festival&Jazz 'We Love Jazz "to the towns of Albox, Macael and Dalías.

Deputy Culture, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, He has invited Almeria to participate in this program that aims to contribute to the musical culture of Almeria and interest in jazz for the whole family with quality programming.

Tonight, Provincial Circuit Jazz 'land' in the town of Albox concert Potato Head in the Hall Jazz Band Federico García Lorca in the city (21.00 hours).

During the conference tomorrow and after tomorrow, within the Festival program, two of the six workshops 'Iluisionando with Jazz' will be held in the towns of Macael (Municipal School of Music) and dahlias (House of Culture). From 10.00 h a 18,00 hours will be the workshop and the 19.00 hour concert Clasijazz Swing & Funky Almeria.

The main purpose of this cycle is the training; actively teach the language of jazz music , convey the illusion of playing jazz music as part of a group through training and innovative workshops. Under the guidance of Professor Pablo Mazuecos


POTATO HEAD JAZZ BAND (Granada): Potato Head Jazz Band is a traditional jazz band that offers a careful staging. Its clever combination of music, performance, instruments, vocals and good humor are a communicative show that invites the audience to interact vigorously and fun.
This sextet was born in Granada in the year 2002 with the specific idea of ​​recreating the traditional jazz. With this goal in common, its experienced components begin to shape the particular style that characterizes today Potato Head Jazz Band. A style that seeks maximum respect for the aesthetics and the sound of the origins of jazz.

Banjo, contrabass, clarinet, battery, saxophone and trumpet come together to offer a unique spectacle of the meticulous work that goes into each of its aspects: musically, staging, costumes and instruments.

So, Potato Head Jazz Band gives a show in which the audience, almost without realizing it, It feels like the city of New Orleans in the 20s, where the pace is contagious and the invitation to participate is inevitable.
Concert Calendar:
Vélez Rubio. 23 October