Vipers signed an agreement with banks to facilitate the first young farmers.

The Minister has also signed the renewal of an agreement to process applications for CAP support during the campaign 2014.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Elena Vipers, has signed with representatives of major financial institutions Andalucía an agreement to facilitate the first young farmers. As has been expressed, “by this agreement preferential financing to those offered under 40 years to benefit from first aid to agricultural facility, managed within the Rural Development Programme (PDR) and can reach up to 70.000 euros”.

According Vipers, this initiative is of great interest to the Andalusian countryside and is a measure of support aimed at encouraging the necessary generational change in the field. “Thanks to the agreement signed today with 10 financial institutions, the beneficiaries of these grants may have a preferential loans to their access to farm and, therefore, installation as professional farmers”.

The Minister has stated that the first aid for young farmers not only be received as a premium-repayable up to a maximum of 40.000 Euro-, but also serve to discount the interest on loans that are usually needed to make this important investment. Con tal fin, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development provided a budget 15,1 million, that will serve both to cover part of the investments and interest on loans which are drawn under this agreement. This amount is financed by 70% by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (Feader) and the State and the Andalusian.

En total, it is expected that 280 young people can benefit from these grants, which will have a total investment of 46 million, to be provided, largely, by financial institutions in the form of loans.

Vipers has recognized that “although the requirements to access these incentives can be quite demanding in some cases, regarding the required business plan and professional training, is a way of ensuring that people who take over in the Andalusian countryside with a good start condition for profitable exploitation, competitive and sustainable”.

As he pointed, more work for projects aimed at facilitating generational change have the best chance of success, as more and more young people are, in recent years, because of the crisis in other sectors, turn their eyes to the field with the hope of finding a better future. In this regard, the minister has referred to the new PDR of Andalusia, from which you will continue to make efforts in this direction. Also, recalled, “with the new PAC are increased 25% direct aid for young farmers 5 years old, a new opportunity in our region could be up 29 million and that our young people should take advantage”.

Extension of agreement for processing applications PAC

The Minister has also signed, together with representatives of Professional Agricultural Organisations and the Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Companies (Faeca), among other recognized associates, extension that gives effect during the campaign 2014 the agreement signed in April 2011 to provide farmers the processing of applications for aid under the common agricultural policy (PAC).

To the minister, the processing of such aid is critical to our region, the highest volume of payments managed, with about 1.600 million per year. “These, therefore of some aid to be managed and paid for with speed of them depends largely liquidity to the start of campaign expenses (sowing, fertilizer, etc.) and, consequently, the income of many families living from agriculture and livestock”, he assured.

As explained, “heading of this agreement will allow farmers and ranchers Andalusian submit applications this year, through the extensive branch network specialized personnel, which provide 38 recognized entities, after the next 17 February the campaign begins 2014 for the single application of the CAP, will be the last in the current scheme is applied ". In this regard, has clarified that although we are already in the new framework 2014-2020, the delay in the negotiations of the CAP in Europe has meant that the new scheme will have to apply a year later than planned, ie for the campaign 2015.

As highlighted Vipers, “those entitled to transact near 280.000 applications per year, Telematics arriving so our records, thanks to the tools provided by the Ministry, over 3.600 data capture positions”. Also, took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the work of these entities, that contribute to the efficient development of this process and ensure a service that benefits all: producers, because it facilitates procedures with neighboring offices and qualified staff; entities, because loyalty of its partners and customers and, to the Ministry, because a fast and fluid communication applications and procedures that paves the way for faster payments and allows higher guarantees.