'Verea Theater’ Baza wins 48 National Amateur Theater Albox with 'The Crucible’

The group during their performance.

The group during their performance.

The version of the famous obra'Las Crucible 'performed by the company' Verea Theater 'de Baza (Granada) He has been awarded first prize 48 National Amateur Theater Festival organized by the City Albox Albox. Granada Theater Company magnificently staged Arthur Miller's work based on actual events that occurred in the seventeenth century in the United States and, in a case of mass hysteria and irregular legal proceedings, They ended with twenty people executed. The impressive performance of a work force issues proposed today as the consequences of ignorance or superstition, He has led the jury to agree to grant 2.000 euros first prize to the Group 'Verea Theater'.

The second prize, provided with 2.000 euros and diploma, It was for obra'Adolf and Eve, an impossible marriage ', performed at the National Theater Festival Amateur Albox by the company 'Red Moon Theater', Almeria. Third prize, provided with 500 euros and award, It was for work 'Invisibles', performed by the group 'Lapsus Theater’ Palencia. Moreover, Best Editing Award, provided with 300 euros and diploma, It was for work 'Suppliant’ group 'Alezeia Theater Malaga.

By albojense Fairground, where this year has developed this important cultural event reference Naciona, have spent this year almost a thousand people, who have been enjoying the works that are shown on a daily basis from the 2 March until the day 11 the same month.

The mayor of Albox, Small towers Francisco, He has congratulated "the organization, the jury and of course all the participating groups for their superb performances "and especially" the winners in this edition by decision of the jury ". For Mayor, This edition of the National Amateur Theater Festival Albox "has come to show that Albox remains, with more force if possible, the provincial benchmark for amateur theater, Pro we will continue betting on the culture of quality in our town ". Similarly, Mayor thanked his job "to the Management of Culture, Monica Jimenez for organizing the festival as well as members of Civil Protection Albox ".

As for individual awards, Mariano Sopedra has won the Award for Best Director with the work 'Ninette and M. de Murcia’ group 'Kite’ Almeria. On the other hand, Angel Santisteban company 'Loyola Theater’ Cordoba has won the Award for Best Actor / Actress, matched 300 euros.