Veraplayazul regrets reverse AVE.

Veraplayazul regrets walled tunnel in the Sierra de Cabrera, that blocks communication between Almeria and Murcia AVE, one of the sections that runs with more delay and changes as a result of budget cuts. El cierre del túnel y el parón evidente de las obras del AVE desde la Región de Murcia hacia Almería son un signo evidente del olvido al que somete el Gobierno central al Sureste.

Veraplayazul, which groups the 20.000 people congregate Vera coast in summer, warns that the delay in the AVE curtails the development of tourism in the entire region of the Levant, having in the service sector their main source of funds if, also, cares, for a change, water quality, la arena y el resto de la infraestructura de ocio y servicios.

Veraplayazul considered to brake and reverse the AVE is a symptom of abuse suffered Southeast, which is evident in the situation of cities like Vera and Lorca, constituting border between Murcia and Almeria. At break of AVE, Vera suffers a zero budget in state investments to correct the causes that led to the terrible floods that ravaged Laguna Pueblo and its coast, that, moreover, continues to suffer from deficiencies in the quality of water and sand, no investments of any kind glimpse into other services. Lorca, meanwhile, tremors even notice a lack of investment has, three years after the earthquake, hundreds of families and school overcrowded barracks.

Given this accumulation of facts, Veraplayazul recalls the central government to the east, Vera populations or Lorca, are a mainstay in the food and tourism sector, base of the Spanish economy, so you should receive priority attention instead of contempt.

The partnership calls for active participation to unlock investment and connect AVE, at once, with Murcia and the Mediterranean Corridor; as well as the claim of a solution to avoid the Antas River overflows and improve water quality, la arena y el conjunto de la playa.