Veraplayazul complaint surrounding dirt and sewage pour Cuevas.

The neighborhood association has Veraplayazul field tested, as shown in pictures, the wastewater treatment plant Villaricos, in the municipality of Cuevas de Almanzora, pour dirt to bath water to join the mouth of the river Almanzora. Some discharges that spread throughout the coast with waves veratense, covering the entire beach scum and episodes of bubbles and foam.

The abandonment of the facilities, the poor condition of the pipes, and stagnant, stinking water away to the treatment of any health guarantee, pose a serious threat to water quality and, primarily, the safety of swimmers, who have occasionally experienced itchy eyes and skin emulsions.

Veraplayazul warned of the problem and the mayor of Cuevas de Almanzora, Jesus Caicedo, who also holds a seat in the Congress of Deputies. An extensive dossier, that occurred in both the City of Caves as in Vera with null results to view images, attests to the accumulation of dirt around the sewage, that, even, has been overcome in this campaign. The City of Caves not only silent and ignores complaints but shown recidivist, maintaining, shamelessly, filth around the treatment plant Villaricos, which negatively affects health; wildlife and vegetation and, of course, the economy of the whole area, it hinders the development of the tourism sector.