Vera adheres to the framework protocol Tutor Agent

Plaza Mayor de Vera.
Plaza Mayor de Vera.

Vera already has the 'Project Tutor Agent' program, driven by the Department of Education, following the recent official launch at a ceremony chaired by the mayor veratense, Felix Lopez, and they attended by the Councillor for Education, Maria Montoya, the head of the local police in Vera, Andrés Sánchez, as well as directors of various schools and presidents of AMPA. The project will be developed by the local police officer veratense, Andres Magana, and social educator, Martinez Vanira.

The Tutor program Agent, whose main objective is to improve coexistence in the school environment, detecting and preventing antisocial behavior, se encuadra en el área de seguridad ciudadana lo que supone un cambio muy importante en la filosofía del cuerpo de policía ya que el carácter correctivo y de trabajo individualizado se sustituye por el de colaboración y prevención, without forgetting that they must have a thorough knowledge of the social fabric and the environment where schools are located.

"This project will initially aim the fight for reducing truancy in the age of compulsory education (6 a 16 years old), through prevention efforts and mediation, as well as performances in different areas, both school and family, since it is the future of our society, the education of our children, which is a right and obligation to them and their parents ", Mayor noted the veratense.

That was evident in the subsequent meeting with the AMPA and school management Angel Haro, to be addressed more specific objectives, including the role of interlocutor cash, social mediator, needs analysis and problem management, control truancy, in addition to attending school boards when necessary, as in any other forum in which participation is of interest.