Vera conduct an audit to determine the actual 'economic situation’ Consistory.

The government team of the City of Vera conduct an audit to determine the actual economic situation veratense Consistory during the period from 11 June year 2011 and to 13 June 2015. This was one of the points contained in the agenda of regular plenary session held yesterday in the Plenary Hall and which gives a full account of the commitment by the new government team last day 24 June 2015, when extraordinary plenary session on "institutional realization of Declaration on Auditing in the city of Vera" was formulated. Thus the city will conduct an external audit is expressed, operational and financial.

De otro lado, the liquidation of the relevant municipal budget was also approved to exercise 2014, a treasury surplus for Positive Overhead, amounting to 10.082.470, 74 euros. Without abandoning the economics of the Session, took definitive text of the Municipal Ordinance regulating the granting of annual subsidies Conservation Collaborating Entities Urbanísticas legally established in the municipality of Vera in the same way as was provisionally approved.

The previous performance space called Vera, He had no official name. The municipal leisure space, now available for use and enjoyment of all residents and visitors veratenses a very attractive program of activities, take the name of 'Teatro Auditorio Ciudad de Vera' after being approved in plenary session by the municipal government team with the mayor Felix Lopez in front. This culminates a great work undertaken several years ago, since the cooperation agreement was signed in 2007 between the Ministry of Culture, the Provincial Council and promoted by the Corporation, to come to alleviate the few areas suitable for the establishment and development of various cultural and recreational activities veratense town.

Another point was treated and approved the hiring of the management of the public service "Municipal Indoor Pool Mariana Pineda de Vera", through the modality of concession, it fell to codeur whose tender was most economically advantageous to municipal interests.

Later, and after the clearance of accounts of resolutions dictated by the Mayor, He gave way to Questions and answers, last point on the Agenda.