Vera presents the poster and programming of the Fair in honor of St. Cleophas 2017

Poster Fair Vera 2017.

The poster was presented at the Government Office.

Vera City Council has presented the poster of the Fair in honor of St. Cleopas to be held 21 to the 25 September. The public ceremony took place in the Arab hall of the Government Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía in Almería, with the presence of the delegate of Culture and Tourism, Alfredo Valdivia. Together with him, Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, and Councilwoman Celebrations, Isabel de Haro, They have released the new features of this next fair.

The delegate of Culture, Alfredo Valdivia, He stressed the importance of the fiestas of San Cleophas around Almeria Levante and even provincial level. "They are a great tourist attraction, as well as a premier cultural event, highlighting its important art festivals reach their 49th ".

For Councilman Celebrations, Vera Tourism and Culture, Isabel de Haro, "Vera fair is the most important of the Levant", and invited residents and tourists to visit the city in these days of parties "to enjoy the fair noon, with traditional cuisine as balls, oil and gas, and other veratenses dishes, in addition to participating in the many activities planned and the joy and fun of the fair at night ".

For his part, the mayor veratense, Felix Lopez, he wanted to value the historical and cultural part that is linked to the fair and the day of St. Cleophas. Veratense alderman for "the fair that is more fun and noise" and recalled that "the origin of this celebration goes back to the siege of the Moors Vera in 1569, when the town was helped by the Christian troops of Lorca, Vera freeing the 25 September, day of the patron of the town ". Thus, Lopez has encouraged veratenses to "revere and San Cleophas accompany the streets of Vera in procession".

Poster Fair Vera 2017.

Poster with tradition

During the presentation ceremony of the fair has discovered the poster, veratense work of graphic designer Javier Carmona. In the same, on white background, one shawl composed of different elements of traditional veratense shown fair.

"I wanted it to be a cheerful poster, to reflect the joy of our fair. It shaped shawl because it is a garment that women have always used veratenses in our celebrations. Inside you can see representative elements of the holidays, like tapes, the Bulls, verbena, fairground, the church tower and many more ", He explained the designer poster.

Activities for all

Feria de San Cleophas de Vera has extensive programming "designed for all audiences", as he explained by the mayor Isabel de Haro. "We will be celebrating the tapes for adults; for the second year there will be an exhibition of traditional costumes ladies and queens of the holidays; Fair noon, with traditional caps; the day dedicated to older; children's activities; traditional tapes; parades of giants and floats; plus a host of sporting events ", noted Councilwoman Celebration.

The mayor of Vera, "The fair in our town is very special, from noon in the historical district, with lids, to night, in a magical setting it is like the fairground of El Palmeral ". Félix López also said that the Feria de Vera "is enjoyed from children to seniors, from the smallest at attractions, the elderly who recall the old days with friends taking something in the booths, through young people who are the ones who give strength to our parties ". "The magic of The Palm infects us all these days", veratense concluded the alderman.

In programming this year should also mention the choice of children and young queens of the holidays, which will take place on Saturday 16 September at City Hall in a show enlivened by the singer Ángel Capel albojense. Also, You will read the proclamation during the same event, by Maria Jose Flores Dominguez.

On the other hand, As for religious ceremonies, include the solemn procession of San Cleophas which will take place on Monday 25 September at 11:30 hours, and the subsequent mass in his honor.

Art Festivals and Pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Huertas

Art Festivals Vera, arriving this year celebrates its 49th edition, They are the brilliant cultural prologue to the Feria de San Cleophas. From 5 to the 15 September, the different troupes of the brotherhoods take the stage at the Auditorio Ciudad de Vera works 'Taxi', 'Revenge of Petra' and 'Now you're calladito'. "Year after year they surprise us with their performances, showing that, more than amateur theater, They reach a professional level ", He stressed Isabel de Haro.

On the other hand, this weekend, of 1 to the 3 September, Pilgrimage is celebrated in honor of the Virgen de las Huertas. This traditional veratense pilgrimage honors the Virgin in the chapel located on the outskirts of the village, where hundreds of neighbors to move to enjoy these days of musical activities, dining and cult of the Virgen de las Huertas. "The lorquinas troops liberated the Moorish siege Vera brought the city to its patron, the Virgen de las Huertas, to protect them during the battle ", He explained Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez.

According to legend, Moriscos wanted to steal the image, deposited in the chapel, but the Christians recovered and thus the festival is held in his honor.