Vera participates in the project MITOMED +

Project presentation.

Project presentation.

Vera is one of the 3 Andalusian municipalities selected to form part of the 'European Project Interreg' called MITOMED +, initiative in which eight other entities involved in the continent and aims to improve the development of sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean area.

So, Public Enterprise for Management of Tourism and Sport of Andalusia and the veratense City Council have reached an agreement in order to increase awareness and social dialogue in relation to development of maritime tourism and sustainable and responsible coastal to help improve the decision-making process and planning of tourism at the destination level, integrating the results into local policies, regional and national, and establishing a management model of tourism in the Mediterranean area of ​​Europe.

To develop this goal they have been raised, among other tasks, bequeath tourist destinations in the Mediterranean European system for measuring and monitoring sustainability of tourism consensual, and the promotion of social dialogue with tourism stakeholders to inform and support decision-making processes.

To this end they have formed a joint working group, in addition to, among other functions, encourage and facilitate the involvement of relevant tourism stakeholders of the municipality, holding meetings and working sessions, attendance and participation in seminars during project development and cooperation in the analysis of the usability of the results, with particular reference to its implementation in local policies.