Vera implement new social intervention programs

Yolanda Torres, in the middle.

Yolanda Torres, in the middle.

Councilor for Equality and Social Welfare of the City veratense, Yolanda Torres, accompanied by the police officer José Antonio Navarro Vera and Coordinator of the Comprehensive Center for Diversity, Antonio Pozo, He has maintained this morning a meeting with the Councilor for Economy, Hacienda, Internal Affairs, and Information Technologies and Communications of the municipality of Fuenlabrada City Council, and the Chief Commissioner of Police of Fuenlabrada and Secretary of Policies for Social Diversity Management of the National Executive Committee.

The main topics covered in this first political-technical meeting have pioneered programs in the field of cross-social intervention, as the Program Management Society Diversa by the local police, Management Training Diversity, Intervention teams diverse society, or Intercultural Committee of Public Safety, inter alia.

After this meeting work, and the wealth of information and experiences provided by the Consistory fuenlabreño, It has been considered the desirability of creating a transversal technical working group within the veratenses Social Services to study and analyze the feasibility of implementing some of these social intervention programs.

The experience and the various measures Fuenlabrada Police is developing for almost a decade to ensure equal treatment and non-discriminatory access to the diverse society of their local community, They have aroused much interest and have transcended national boundaries. Without a doubt, this relief has contributed in a very important facts such as the recent disturbances in London and other British cities, the latent conflict that remains for years in the suburbs (surroundings) Paris and the growing international criticism of the policy followed by the street identifications National Police in Spain.

Additional Information

Fuenlabrada is a southern metropolitan of Madrid, over 200.000 people, a 16% immigrant population and a strong industrial fabric. Although the rate of population of foreign origin is much lower than in other Spanish populations, phenotypic diversity of the city will be much more important over several years: Year 2006, the 30% of minor children fuenlabreños 6 years were foreign father or mother; and something similar happens in the religious sphere: in just a decade it has passed from Catholic uniformity to the official record 33 Religious confessions other than the majority religion.