Vera own resources available for water supply

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During the extraordinary plenary session held yesterday at the Consistory veratense Changing the 'Ordinance Regulating rates initially approved by the service supply, sanitation and treatment '. The amendment stems from the Hydrological Plan of the River Basin Mediterranean Basin Andaluzas (PHDHCMA) establishes the cessation of extraction of groundwater in the east and sets almeriense for the municipality of Vera, as a result of changing demands and performances scheduled, 1,77 hm³ external transfers in their balance supply. These external transfers are the Tagus-Segura water transfer and Reservoir Negratín.

For this reason, the government team for the construction of a water purification is necessary (STAGE), with the object, inter alia, to have sufficient own resources and wean purchases from third parties that could make cuts in the domestic supply by water shortages. This infrastructure would capture the raw water of a pond fed with water from the Tajo-Segura water transfer and Reservoir Negratín, (waters Hydrological Plan of the Hydrographic Demarcation of the Mediterranean Basin and external transfers Andaluzas assigned to supply Vera). This work is not only comply with the provisions of the PHDHCMA but also a solution to the problems of water resources has always suffered the municipality of Vera would.

So, the application to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning approved, authorization, based on justification study financier who work in the administrative record, the local improvement fee to finance water treatment works to perform in Vera, identical in its Autonomic amounts to Canon Improvement approved. Equally, initially it approved the modification of the 'Ordinance Regulating the fees for the provision of supply, sanitation and treatment '.

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