Performance of Chivancas.

With the third Gitana Gastronomy Competition to be held the next day 1 December, Sinando end Calé the Second Conference organized by the Department of Equality and Social Services City of Vera on the Day of Gitano Andaluz.

The activities planned for this celebration began last day 19 with the International Awards Gala Flamenco 'Ciudad de Vera' in which he staged flamenco show by Manuel Fernandez Montoya 'The folder'. Later, day 22, the exhibition 'Emilia canastera' opened, World first Gypsy beatified, with the intervention of Martín Ibarra Benlloch author of the biography of the 'Martir del Rosario' and Ramona Cortés, author of the book "Tears of a Gypsy mother '.

'Those gypsies tomorrow' was the last day lecture 24 by writer and lawyer Marcos Santiago Cortés. Marcos Santiago's dissertation focused on overcoming social barriers and "to make a self-critical exercise not wait for others to stop being racist, We should not import ignore racism rather than fight it ".