Vera celebrates the day of Taste and product by chef Antonio Carmona

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Antonio Carmona, in the middle.
Antonio Carmona, in the middle.

Eurotoques is an International Association of cooks of Europe coming together to raise awareness of food from their land and best culinary preparations. To ensure that each region of Spain and Europe know their food quality, how to cook and how to taste, the Association organizes numerous activities, including the 'Day of Taste'. In this date, 3 November, visit colleges and schools to a 'class' special.

So, Antonio Carmona, Terrace chef and delegate Eurotoques Carmona in the province of Almería, He approached the CEIP Los Cuatro Canos, de Vera. There, with primary school 4th, He gave a lecture on "how to distinguish the different flavors and, above all, using the senses: want, vista, ear, touch, in order to who value healthy breakfast, Mediterranean diet, and inculcate that from small must know that healthy eating and healthy diet is essential for a healthy life ".

The breakfast prepared by Antonio Carmona consisted of basic flavors for school could distinguish. Toast with tomato and ham, salty and sour tastes; Natural orange juice, acid and basic consumption of fruit flavor; with bitter olive oil and olives; a homemade cake made for the occasion, sweet taste. The case is to forget a little bakery eating healthy and natural ingredients.

Antonio Carmona stated that "for me it is a pleasure, I did above and six times in school Angel Haro. Now I have started with the school and the four channels on several occasions go about other schools. It is exciting to make children happy through the kitchen. I left my job today to come here, but teach them to eat healthily and healthy certainly comforted me. I am happy to see the kids enjoy ".