Day of qualification of teachers and staff of AMI in gender violence prevention in Vera.

The Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW) and Territorial Education, Culture and Sports organized today at the seventh edition of Vera provincial days 'Building Equality', a joint initiative of the IAM and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, whose main objective is to train on gender equality teachers and people working in education.

The days have been inaugurated this morning by the provincial coordinator of AMI in Almería, Francisca Serrano, who pointed out that "schools are special places to ensure equal socialization, in which pupils and students to develop their individual and social identity breaking gender conditioning that are still rooted in our society ".

The conference this year has the theme of the 'Prevention of Violence and Gender Equality Plan Center'. Thereby, this year is to train teachers to develop equality plans in schools, that contribute to the social progress towards gender equality; and provide resources to promote the prevention of violence against women in all levels, from pre-primary to secondary. For this, will provide tools, knowledge and skills, resources and materials for classroom use, while experiences of good practices will be exchanged Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary.

The new edition will add to the success of the five previous editions, in which it was possible to form in the province over 600 educators for educators. For the IAM, the growing number of teachers who form in matter, and their impact in the classroom, with a pro-egalitarian attitude by students, It is a reflection of the importance of equal education.

Andalusia is a pioneer in the field of coeducation, being the only autonomous region in each school has an individual coordinator coeducation, and one skilled in the art incorporated into School Councils. Along with this, Andalusia is the only one in which there is an optional subject in Secondary Education Social Change and Gender, the mandatory bid, in 1st 2nd and 3rd of ESO.

Nonetheless, AMI insists on strengthening education in equality, and that youth still remain macho roles, as reflected in the AMI study detects, whereby the 56,7% of adolescents from Andalusia 14 and 16 not recognize the signs of domestic violence, and up 60% you agree or strongly agree that the couple, it is normal for men to protect women.