Vera 2018, Year of Culture

Poster of the first conference.

Poster of the first conference.

The town of Vera is preparing to start this year 2018 and until early next 2019, a set of works, events and cultural activities two reasons. On one side, commemorate the V Centenary of the destructive earthquake that struck the city of Vera Vieja night 9 November 1518, and the beginning of the building of the New Vera, Renaissance, the actual, the plain. The city of Vera Vieja, which it was Muslim until 10 June 1488 He was known for Cerro, then called 'the Spirit'.

The central activity on which rotates the V Centennial is the development of Project for the Consolidation of the archaeological remains of Mount of the Holy Spirit, various stages of an exciting and ambitious project which aims to preserve long term the remains of the ancient fortress and create a museum and tourist area near the Hill of the Holy Spirit. all, definitely will transform the resort town for the benefit of its inhabitants and visitors.

The Rebirth of a City it is the title under which developed over the years 2018 and 2019 all kinds of cultural and educational activities. The first is the conference that will dictate Maria Luisa Andrés Uroz next day 2 at the Cultural Hall Multipurpose Building veratense, under the title 'The Municipal Archive Vera. Chronic recovery '. (calendar of conferences and exhibitions planned Attached)

De otro lado, and in accordance with the unanimous approval of plenary 2018 as the 'Year of Culture', is celebrated likewise the 50 anniversary art festivals which will be accompanied by various cultural activities throughout the year. Between them, the upcoming celebration of the 'Poetry Week', the Festival of Short Films 'Ciudad de Vera', performing diverse performances and exhibitions, to complete an extraordinary program of cultural events.


  • FRIDAY, 2 MARCH: ANDRES MARISA UROZ (Degree and Diploma in Advanced Studies in History, former director of the Municipal Archives Vera and director of the Provincial Historic Archive of Almería). The Municipal Archive Vera. Chronicle of Recovery.
  • FRIDAY, 20 APRIL. The town of Vira, a border territory throughout the Middle Ages. LORENZO FACE BARRIONUEVO (Archaeologist and former curator of the Alcazaba of Almeria) And DOMINGO ORTIZ SOLER (Archeologist and director of the Historical Museum of Vera).
  • THURSDAY, 7 JUNE: JUAN FRANCISCO JIMENEZ ALCÁZAR (Professor of Medieval History at the University of Murcia). Castilla in "Tierra de Vera ': conquest and repopulation
  • THURSDAY, 28 JUNE: ESTHER VIVANCOS MULERO (PhD in Spanish Language from the University of Granada. Associate Professor of the University of Murcia). The language of repoblador. historical and linguistic study of the Land of Vera (XVI-XVII).
  • FRIDAY, 21 JULY: archaeological exhibition. Parts of the Holy Spirit from the Archaeological Museum of Almería.
  • SATURDAY, 21 JULY: MONTSERRAT MENASANCH (Collaborator of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Department of Social Anthropology and Prehistory). The early medieval settlement of the Depression and Cerro Vera Montroy. (In collaboration with the Association Friends of Argar).
  • FRIDAY, 31 OF AUGUST: DULCE MARIA ARCAS CAMPOY. (Professor of Arab Studies at the University of La Laguna, Tenerife). Vera, border east of the capital of Moorish kingdom (XV century). A visit retrospective.
  • FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER: LUQUE VICTOR DE HARO. (PhD student Department of Geography, History and Humanities at the University of Almería). Die in Vera: epidemics, inequality and demographic transition.
  • FRIDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER: Andres Sanchez PICÓN (Professor of Economic History at the University of Almería). The declaration of state of emergency 1844 and Vera.
  • FRIDAY, 26 OCTOBER: Exhibition of documents on Vera of the National Library, the Simancas Archive and Municipal Archives Vera. Exhibition Hall of the Convento de la Victoria.
  • FRIDAY, 9 NOVEMBER: OLIVERA JOSE SERRANO CÉSAR. (Scientist at the CSIC, Institute of History. Madrid). Vera earthquake 1518: a historical view
  • FRIDAY, 23 NOVEMBER (22 NOVEMBER: INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GYPSY ANDALUZ): MANUEL MARTÍNEZ MARTÍNEZ (Teacher. Doctor in Geography and History from the University of Almería). History of Spanish gypsies. For Vera.
  • FRIDAY, 14 FROM DECEMBER: VALERIANO SÁNCHEZ RAMOS (History teacher. Member of the Andalusian Academy of History) Morisca difficult living in the Land of Vera.
  • CLOSING. FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY: LUIS CANO (Architect and PhD from the University of Granada). Vera Urban History.

Sale of the Acts of Congress and Concert of medieval and renaissance guitar by PEDRO NAVARRO RIDAO.