Eight neighboring municipalities of Almeria are involved in energy projects rehabilitating their homes.

The call for participatory processes, where PHA and Rehabilitation Andalucía has offered residents all the information concerning the work to be performed soon in the province of Almería, under decree Sustainable Construction approved by the Governing Council last March, has generated great expectations among those taking part in the process and generally, among all residents of the 11 neighborhoods in the province will benefit from this intervention.

Decree Sustainable Construction, whose development is funded account Feder, allow you to run various rehabilitation works to improve energy efficiency, repairs and several public buildings in residential housing stock of the Board, managed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing through AVRA. These works involve an investment of 40 million in the 113 planned interventions in Andalusia, of which will benefit the most from 26.000 people who inhabit the 6.630 beneficiary households, in which it will act from September next.

In the province of Almería, the planned investment amounts to 2,2 million and affect 389 AVRA managed by public housing in the capital and the municipalities of Huercal de Almeria, Huercal-Overa, Singing, Fines, Senés, Pechina, Purchena and Cuevas de Almanzora, residing in around 1.600 neighbors.

They have been called in recent weeks to participate in the meetings held in 11 neighborhoods beneficiaries of this intervention. In these calls, attendees were informed in detail of the works to be executed in their homes, when the windows are changed and insulation of roofs and facades will be improved, in order to increase the comfort of the homes and reduce energy consumption of those who inhabit. The proposed works for 84 James Street homes, Almeria, to take account of pilot contemplates, also, implementing several repairs that consist in replacing flooring, improving steps, painting common areas, Out on deck replacement and skylight, repairing leaks in the sewage, improvement Locksmith, railings and gates, review of mechanisms of electricity in common areas, and the expansion joint resealing.

Other actions of sustainable rehabilitation in the province of Almería affect 70 homes in the neighborhood Realengo II, Cuevas de Almanzora; 12 Mill Street homes, of Senés; 25 housing Pintor Goya, Pekinese; 11 homes in the neighborhood El Castillo, Purchena; 30 homes in the Glen Skewers, Fines; 32 Casas Altas neighborhood homes and other 36 in the neighborhood San Francisco, both in Huercal de Almeria; 18 Calvary homes on the street, Huercal Overa; 29 The slum housing Morerica, in Cantoria; 30 houses in the square and other Wonders 12 homes on Avenida de Mar, both promotions in the capital.

The residents of these neighborhoods have actively participated in meetings, in which they have been informed by the technical work and social workers AVRA on all the details of the works, which begin to run from the end of September. Las reuniones han servido al mismo tiempo a los trabajadores de la agencia para tener conocimiento de algunas incidencias planteadas por los vecinos, allowing future program new actions in those promotions that require.