User groups socio Macael unite to give 'Million Steps'.

The objective of this initiative promoting regular physical activity and promoting social relations between people.

A total of 35 groups of users socieducativos (GRUSE) health center Macael have joined the program 'For a million steps' of the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy. The objective of this initiative is to promote physical activity in group, combining the benefits of physical activity with improved social relations, benefiting both physical and mental health.

The program "For a million steps' is developed in Andalusia since 2008 and is aimed at local associations and groups, to which it entails for members, in the period of one month, add achieve that number of steps. For accounting, Pedometers are delivered (devices used to ask steps) each group, that in order to rotate between individual participants in the program. The fact that this initiative is carried out by means of group rides aside, improved social relationships and an increased level of autonomy of participants and, of other, some obligation in compliance challenge.

All participants in the program receive advice about the benefits of healthy eating and balanced, and on the importance of hydration during exercise.

Upon completion of this activity has committed an act of recognition and presentation of certificates to the participants, at the headquarters of the Association of Township Seniors. The same was attended by both members of this association, as the social worker Northern Area Health Almeria and responsible GRUSE that has developed in the town, Ángela Berbel y la responsable del programa ‘Por un millón de pasos’ en el Área Sanitaria Norte de Almería, Magdalena Bonillo.

GRUSE Project

The near 40 socio groups, formed in different clinical management units in the province of Almería, are an initiative included in the objective of promoting mental health and preventing mental disorders Comprehensive Mental Health Plan of Andalusia (LETTER).

It is a socio-educational group learning strategy that aims to develop emotional skills talents and resources of individuals to that address healthily difficulties of everyday life and the dowry of protective factors for mental health. These groups help conflict resolution and increase the self-esteem of participants.

They are aimed at adult women between 30 and 65 years attending consultation at health centers for primary care and support they need to cope with everyday life with greater chances of success.

Access to these groups is done by professionals in the health centers that perform the primary care through the social worker referral health center, will be the reference and the driver of the group. It is also possible to access its own initiative for women, through social worker.