Twenty Almanzora companies exhibiting in a trade show of Purchena.

The event is part of the conference on the Moriscos Games as a model for local development organized by Andalucía Emprende.

Eighteen businessmen and businesswomen of the Almanzora presented on Friday 17 July its products and services at the trade fair organized by the Andalusian, through Andalucía Emprende, in collaboration with the city of Purchena, within the framework of the conference 'The Aben Humeya Moorish Games as a model for local development'. this event, in which they have participated more than 500 people, It has been worth the heritage, cultural, ethnographic and gastronomic Purchena, analyzed the economic impact of the games in the area and has promoted as a tourist attraction and source of job creation.

In the trade fair companies have participated Purchena, Macael, Tíjola, Olula River, Pannier, Bacares y Alboloduy, in sectors such as trade, hospitality, formation, tourism, pastry making, education, oenology, etc., besides their Center for Entrepreneurial Development Purchena.

The conference also counted with a photographic exhibition on the history of the Moriscos Games, a theatrical tourist route, Andalusian music, a roundtable on Fiestas of tourist interest and two lectures on the business use of heritage and local development model involving the Moriscos Games, held on 15 and 17 by experts in History Andres Sanchez Picon and Valeriano Sanchez Ramos, respectively.

These seminars are supported by the European Fund for Regional Operational Program Development of Andalusia 2007-2013, provided by the 80% cofinancing.