A score of groups demand the protection of the Los Canos salt flat in Vera

Almost two dozen collectives from inside and outside Almería, in addition to many private neighbors, join forces to ask the City Council of Vera and the Junta de Andalucía for a real and effective commitment in favor of the protection of the Los Canos salt flat. Specifically, They claim the cataloging of the land on which the wetland sits as Non-Developable Land of Special Protection for natural and landscape interest. Also, demand the declaration of the same as a Natural Area, being included with this figure of legal protection within the Red Natura 2000. Jointly, They demand that the mapping of the protected enclave include its central hill on which they plan urbanization intentions.. While, reclaman la paralización de cualquier proyecto de construcción sobre la zona.

This initiative begins this week with the formal registration of petition requests in the Veratense Consistory, as well as in the Ministries of Agriculture, Cattle raising, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and Development, Infrastructure and Planning. Y es que los colectivos Mediterranean Ecological Group, Acerobo Association, Living Aquifers Platform, Buxus Association, El Garbancillo Association, Graeca Association, Naturalists Association of Southeast, Veraplayazul Neighborhood Association, Ecologists in Action Almería, Murcia and Melilla Region (Guelaya), The Lollipop Tree, Grupo Ecologist Andarax, Plataforma Prolitoral, Promar Association and Spanish Ornithological Society / BirdLife Almería, although they have valued very positively and consider the recent inclusion of the wetland in the Inventory of Wetlands of Andalusia as progress, they appreciate that this is still insufficient and believe it is absurd to reduce the area covered by just 57 has, since the real extension of the space of great ecological importance is greater than 85. They understand that this contradictory fact can pave the way to the main threat that has always loomed over them.. La cuestión es que sobre el sector RC2 de suelo urbanizable de Vera (hill and central heart immersed in Los Canos) a disproportionate construction with capacity for a few 7.000 people, no less than almost half of the current population of the entire municipality. To materialize, This urbanization would impoverish the enormous biodiversity of the environment in an unlimited way.

The Salar de los Canos, as a whole, It is a natural environment that acts as a true green lung on the crowded coast of Vera, which is a priority to safeguard for the sustainable enjoyment of future generations of neighbors and tourists. Given its good state of conservation, It comprises environments of enormous ecological importance such as Mediterranean scrublands and marsh environments with very high productivity and biological diversity., 11 of them registered as Habitats of Community Interest with conservation interest, of which four are priority. Among the species present, those classified as threatened stand out., primarily seven of them legally classified as "Endangered", predominantly those who have raised here, like the black tortoise, the Squacco Heron, the gray teal or the white-headed duck.

The associative fabric that signs the instance ensures that this initiative will be only the beginning of a necessary joint effort that will have continuity, since the planned lines of work and the interpellation of the Administrations with competences will be vital to achieve the final objective: that of the integral protection of this unique and still surviving ecosystem in the transformed Levante Almeriense.