A total of 160 technical, 42 vehicles and almost 500 tons of salt ensure winter road

The road sections most likely to snow and frost are located in the hills of Los Filabres, Mary, Alpujarra, The Gádor and breaks.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has launched the device in Almería winter maintenance plan for the season 2013-2014, to ensure road safety in the 826,61 kilometers of regional roads in the province with the fall of the first snow. A total of 160 Professional, 42 machinery and vehicles, among which seven snowplow trucks, and gathering salt 447,6 tons up this device, it makes available to users the necessary human and material for road maintenance and media attention especially in situations of adverse weather.

The protocol performance is carried out from different centers of conservation available service roads of the Board in Almería and in conjunction with the Traffic Police and Emergency Services 112. In this way it acts promptly to restore normalcy in the road network.

From an operational point of view of the maintenance and operation of road, the province if Divide in tres fit, located in the south of the province, in the center-which includes the A-92 (stretch the limits of province of Granada to Almeria 326+730 to the 376+100)- and northern, we attend the A-92N.

During the winter period, stretches of road where there is greater likelihood of risk of snow or ice within the regional road network in the province of Almería is located in the hills of Los Filabres, Mary, Alpujarra, The Gádor and breaks. Specifically it is the A-317, A-327, A-334, A-348, A-349, A-391, A-399, A-92, A-92R2, A-92N, , A-1100, A-1176, A-1178, A y A-1180-1301.

The effectiveness of the work carried out during the winter period depends, to a large degree, control the weather information, through the State Meteorological Agency, application of preventive treatments and the development of a rapid action, and keep users informed of road conditions, so they can be alert to traffic conditions and to prevent further incidents. Also, there is a public information service through phones and conservation center each line 902 333 092, that are operative 365 days during the year 24 hours.

Conservation centers and parks have permanent operating as a retainer personnel and machinery, so that the user focus or activation required before any emergency operation is assured the 24 hours a day 365 days a year.