Two cyclists will complete the distance between Barcelona and solidarity Tíjola.

A charity cycling challenge tour the 950 kilometers from the town of Tíjola Almeria with Barcelona in just 75 hours, with the aim of raising funds to be allocated to the NGO ACOES and social project in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. The initiative, which celebrates its third edition, It has been promoted by the Association 'Book Bank’ Tíjola, and it has the support of the municipal council and the Diputación de Almería.

The third challenge Ciclista Solidario was presented Friday at the Provincial Palace, in an act in which they have intervened Deputy Sports, Martinez Angeles, Mayor of Tíjola, Mario Padilla, cyclist José Ramón Marín, and representatives of the Association 'Book Bank’ Tíjola.

José Ramón Marín and José Manuel Requena will be the two cyclists of Tíjola that will face the challenge of completing the distance between his people and Barcelona in just 75 hours, after the official start of the initiative next 27 June, to 8,00 hours. Both of them, they have the support of a broom car during the tour, They must reach the Barcelona 30 June at noon.

Through this challenge, is “will sell kilometers”, the price of one euro kilometer, and all proceeds will go to fund NGO projects carried out in Tegucigalpa ACOES, the capital of Honduras, and his or her environment. For this, the 'Book Bank Association’ Tíjola will be responsible for managing funds, that would cover “the cost of sending containers with training materials and books” to this country “a young Honduran scholarships to continue his engineering studies in Spain”.

Moment, as he indicated by the deputy Angeles Martínez, “they have not yet come, already they have been raised 4.000 euros, It is making sure that the objective of achieving is reached 5.000 euros before 27”. In previous years, Challenge Ciclista Solidario has increased the solidarity of society almeriense, which allowed him to obtain 2.000 raising euros the first year, after covering the distance between Tíjola and Santiago de Compostela, and 6.000, second, when he completed Tíjola way to Zarautz.

Angels Martinez explained that the aim of this initiative, promoted from the 'Book Bank’ Tíjola, is “serving children and youth at risk of social exclusion, and facilitate access to reading and training”. For this, association working directly with ACOES, who they help with their projects in Honduras.

Mario Padilla, Mayor of Tíjola, he recalled that "Bank of Books’ born “to promote the passion for reading and books among younger, providing them with positive values ​​that would not find elsewhere” and that, in no time, “It has had tremendous growth and involves a large number of people”, which he has led them to become officially in partnership.

So, and thanks to the low cost of their services in Tíjola due to the support of the City and neighboring, may “allocate this fundraiser to support educational material, books and scholarships to work ACOES ago in Tegucigalpa”, thus achieving the goal of 'Bank of Books’ of “contribute to human development, educational and social development of children and young people, especially, those at risk of social exclusion”.

With this “challenge that unites sport and solidarity”, through a demanding course of 950 kilometers and a cumulative positive slope 10.000 meters, is achieved defray the cost of sending containers with educational materials to Honduras, estimated at an expense of about 4.000 euros per container, and help a young Honduran continue his studies in Spain through a grant.

Cyclists will face the challenge have been prepared “for eight months” and they have already completed “above 10.000 kilometers”, so they expect out of this initiative successful, in which they must complete “about 310 the 320 odo-”, as he explained by José Ramón Marín.