A balloon will be visible in the Valle del Almanzora Cantoria rejection of gender violence



Cantoria City Council will show their rejection of gender violence with an activity that will be visible from throughout the region Almanzora Valley, consisting of a hot air balloon flight that Friday afternoon 24 will rise to children and young people between 4 and 18 years to shout to the four winds its unconditional support for victims. Also, throughout the week and on the occasion of the celebration of 25N highly visual activities such as installing a giant banner will be going on the facade of the Consistory.

Throughout the four days of programming the City Council has designed actions that are aimed primarily at younger "because they the key to redirect this scourge of our society and only be able to banish if very young and understand that violence is never the way ", Puri says Sánchez, Socialist mayor of this town. So, Tuesday will be a day that will equip attendees with the tools necessary to both prevent and to act in cases of domestic violence in the family.

Similarly, thanks to the collaboration of the post commander of the Civil Guard Macael, students of first and second high school will participate Thursday in a talk on how to identify gender violence in this age group, besides giving some guidelines to help victims, resources at its disposal and other aspects that will provide greater security against such serious situations. Also, students of the CEIP of Almanzora Cantoria are painting a white T-shirts that has provided the City and will wear in the central day of celebration of this anniversary, on Friday, 24. So, This day will begin with a rally in the morning with the participation of students from schools and local residents; an institutional act, in the afternoon, next to the hot air balloon flight, and end with the lighting of candles in memory of the victims and a themed concert by Carmen Carrillo.

All activities organized by the city of Cantoria and Municipal Information Center Women have received a grant from the Provincial. For his part, Women's Association El Valle has scheduled a hiker march to commemorate the World Day Against Gender Violence and Women's Association Amigas de Almanzora also commemorates the anniversary between 20 and 24.

Program to celebrate the 25N


10:30. City Council extended banner Cantoria,

12:00. Extended banner. Palacio de Almanzora.

Throughout the week you will work a painting workshop on fabric “Expressed-T” C.E.I.P in Cantoria and Almanzora.


17:30. Working day “Gender violence against children. Prevention tools and action from the family”

Place: Municipal Information Center for Women.

Collaborate: Community Social Services Cantoria.


10: 00h. Awareness campaign and awareness sharing ties and bracelets

Place: Plaza de la Constitution Cantoria.


12:30. Talk on Prevention of Gender Violence "Identifying Gender Violence among young people”‘ (Aimed at students of 1st and 2nd year)

Place: Assembly Hall Institute “Valle del Almanzora”


11:00. March Against Gender Violence of children / as of Cantoria and Almanzora Schools. Urbina Race route from College Park to Cantoria Andalucía where there will be a storyteller “The stories never told us”:

18:00. We got on the globe against gender violence

Place: Field football Cantoria

Activity consisting of a balloon ride. It will be held during the official ceremony and will need to collect the previous entry in the Women's Center of Cantoria since the day 15 until 22 November (limited capacity). For the collection will be necessary to give the applicant's full name and telephone number of the legal responsibility on the dates and place indicated. Age to climb on the globe is 4 a 18 years old. MANDATORY collection input.


Place: Soccer Field Cantoria

– Purification Sanchez Aranega, Mayor of Cantoria.

– Francisca Serrano Dueñas Coordinator Andalusian Institute for Women.

– Institutional Manifesto Reading.

– Candles lit in memory of the victims.

– themed concert: Carmen Carrillo


Walker III Marcha Organized by the Association of Women El Valle de Cantoria. Date to be determined.

Women's Association Amigas de Almanzora: Is-T commemorative activity against GBV. During the week 20 to the 25 November