Quality tourism to create jobs in rural areas and inland



The tourism branding aims to create a tourist destination brand. A challenge that requires the involvement of the whole society to become reality. This course arises from the European project (Erasmus+) IBRAVE (Improvement of Branding for Rural Areas Through Vocational Education), wherein the UAL participates, and coordinated by the Marketing professor, José Luis Ruiz Real who affirms that “it seeks to identify the most effective methods, locally, to strengthen the brand of the territory and the creation of companies focused on tourism ".

Creating your own brand strengthens the market and can be an important alternative for those areas that suffer from high unemployment rates or even depopulation problems.. The University of Almería has been working on tourism branding for a long time and it does so in consensus with several European partners “one of the fundamental things about branding is that it involves the whole of society. All this works when the population assumes the message and believe. Citizenship then becomes a generator of contents. And here the support of the public administration and small and medium enterprises is necessary, ultimately, around the business sector related to tourism ".

The course will learn to manage the use of social media, video marketing, storytelling and emotions for a brand to improve the positioning of a tourist destination, "today we will make a marketing video workshop, by smartphones are going to give figures. And is that the 95% of the Spanish young people use smartphone and more than one 80% They have a mobile device such, which means that each of them can become a potential leader of opinion ".
On the quality of the content that conveys the general public, Professor Ruiz Real, stresses “the important thing is that the message has a certain coherence with the target positioning that it intends. The one who is going to take a trip, for example, consult publications, Facebook posts, and twitter, and above all, make use of images. Here photography and videos are the undisputed leaders. If the message has emotion or surprises the viewer in any way, success is assured ".

The course starts today, to 16:00 hours, with the presentation ‘Tourism brand creation process for the territory. Co-creation and Branding 'Borja Gomez Michelangelo, Professor of Marketing at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. A term, will talk about the ‘Future trends in tourism brand management in the territory’ together with Eduardo Parra López, Professor of Digital Economy, Business organization and Tourism of the University of La Laguna and president of AECIT.

The second day of the course, the 7 July, It will open a 'tourist Branding Case. The keys to success', by José Luis Ruiz Real, IBRAVE Project coordinator at UAL, Secretary General of AECIT and Professor of Marketing at the University of Almería.