Traditions and Culture sixty countries, the V Meeting of Intercultural Migration Huércal Overa

The City of Huércal-Overa celebrates the V Meeting of Intercultural Migration, on the occasion of International Migrants Day, the next Sunday 16 December with a ceremony to be held at the Municipal Sports Pavilion, from the 11:00 hours, Returning to bet on this event after the good reception given in previous editions being already a reference in the coexistence of residents of the municipality.
Huércal-Overa has become for years in a multicultural society with sixty nationalities. So the City Council aims with this act "offer the opportunity to bring music society, culture and cuisine of all nations that today make up the society huercalense. multiculturalism is encouraged as a value to be transmitted between the indigenous population and immigrants ", said the Mayor, Domingo Fernández.

All details of this event have been finalized with the representatives of different nationalities living in the city, in various meetings from the Department of Social Welfare have remained with them for the event is participatory and responds to the objective set since its creation is "we are all part of this municipality, We are proud of our neighbors and we want to know and show us their roots, to also know a little more about them " , He noted the mayor of Social Welfare, Emilio Pérez, who invites "all residents of Huércal-Overa to participate in this event for the fifth consecutive year we celebrate our people become".

United Nations proclaimed 18 December International Migrants Day, considering the high number of people in that situation in the world and the interest of the international community for the protection of their human rights and fundamental freedoms.