Tíjola Loma Calvary recovers after its refurbishment as a public space.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has provided the City of Loma del Calvario Tíjola following the work developed for remodeling and public space. This is an area of ​​almost 11.000 square meters located within the municipality of Almeria and intended to accommodate major events and mass rallies. The territorial delegate of Public Works and Housing, Joaquín Jiménez, It has met today with the mayor of the town, Mario Padilla, who has recepcionado this space after completion of the recovery action this pine forest and its connection to the city.

Joaquin Jimenez explained that this action is carried out through the Regional Programme for Public Spaces of the Andalusian, action line, FEDER, pursuing a model of development which generates new citizen meeting points, subtract and give greater prominence to the pedestrian space in the car.

The intervention in this public space, which has involved a total investment of 500.000 euros, improving contact between the urban and the forest through the reorganization of the current Street Puntal, que sirve de nueva vía pública que conectar el pinar conocido como la Loma del Calvario con el pueblo. Thus, It offers a new connection between the citizens and forest areas of Alto Valle del Almanzora, located between the mountains of Filabres and stays.

Besides acting in the street strut, The project also includes the realignment of some gaps between this course and the pine, middle slopes that will be reforested, and the creation of a children's playground.

Programa Regional de Espacios Públicos

The adequacy of this public space, that has the collaboration with municipalities, It is carried out through the Regional Program Public Spaces, developed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to contribute to improving the urban structure of the Andalusian cities, through interventions in public spaces free. For the year 2015 the program is provided in Andalusia with a budget of 6,2 million.