Felix Lopez, Mayor Vera, during the awards ceremony.
Felix Lopez, Mayor Vera, during the awards ceremony.

The municipality of Vera strengthens even further its gastronomic reputation with the award of National Gastronomy Award 'Gold Medal' to Terraza Carmona awarded by Radio Turismo also recognized the work of Manola Baraza with the distinction of 'Muse of Gastronomy'. Both awards were delivered to the chef Antonio Carmona and his mother, Manuela Baraza, by Mayor veratense, Felix Lopez, during the Gala recently held in the Malaga town of Torremolinos.

The awards instituted by Radio Tourism, station dedicated to Gastronomy, Tourism promotion and dissemination, both nationally and internationally, They recognize the tireless work of restoration distinguished establishments each year, to defend the Spanish Gastronomy with their good work, with quality products and a dedicated service.

prior, Year 2003, Terraza Carmona won the 'Gold Plate' award and now, as confirmation of its magnificent and constant struggle for kitchen Almeriense, for their land and restore the prestige of the Spanish, has received the 'Gold Medal' in the words of Antonio Carmona "means proud to receive after 13 years further recognition of this media ". He added the chef Carmona Baraza "how important it is for us to receive this award helps us continue in our line constantly improve and update everything you need towards our clients and friends" family. Recalled at this point Antonio Carmona family patriarch since we "the first time we went with my father to pick it up to Madrid and we really enjoyed your company. Now and always miss. Hence, both my mother 'Musa gastronomic', Terraza Carmona as 'Gold Medal', we dedicate it with all our heart ".

Tourism Radio recounted the merits of Manuela Muñoz Baraza to grant the distinction of 'Muse of Gastronomy':

“Manola Baraza Muñoz, tireless woman, feisty and uncompromising defender of cooking and gastronomy almeriense, Andalusian and Spanish through world, along with Antonio Carmona Gallardo (her husband, now deceased) and its 7 children.

It has always been an example of perseverance, friendliness, good work and has shown that with faith and love can achieve a lot, although life ..., sometimes, you put "tripping", she never comes down and both her husband, children and grandchildren shows a great strength and spirit of improvement. Antonio Carmona as always said 'forward!!! any adversity, that it makes her so that all her family see 'happy' and make them feel good to all.

When he married he began cooking with her mother (Beatriz) and Antonio in a small bar, a summer cinema. They elaborated the typical cuisine vera and can say that really there is when it starts to consolidate the kitchen terrace Carmona. was very young, 19 years old, but it was gradually gaining practical knowledge of the subject, he had no other, Yes or yes, because Beatriz Antonio ill and was an only child

Grandchildren say 'Granny is your friend, his mother, his partner, his sister, her grandmother and her example of loving and patient person 'is the perfect mediator between the family and makes it possible not to relax harmony and maintain fixed the helm of this' boat' called Terraza Carmona ".

Tourism Radio also awarded the 'Gold Medal' restaurant 'La Encina' of Almeria. Mariano Lopez, (Radio Chamberlain Tourism in Almería) and Francisca Pérez (wife and Chef) They are responsible for the good work of 'La Encina' and, like the Carmona family has always strived to enrich the Almerian Gastronomy his exemplary career.