Price Blancas, commercial offers only for unemployed.

One of the great traditional business living a golden age is the internet promotions through coupons: establishments offering through these portals specialized all kinds of offers for its customers. Price Blancas goes a step further. This social initiative have three young entrepreneurs Andalusian actually directed exclusively to unemployed. Currently has a network of 350 stores throughout Spain offering discounts to unemployed.

Its offers only for unemployed. In Price Blancas You can find dry cleaners promotions, optical, fruit shops or car workshops, SMEs that are involved and demonstrate the rise of fair trade and corporate social responsibility also small scale. And it is not necessary to be a large corporation to have a CSR plan. In fact more and more small businesses or businesses that are involved in processes responsible economy: one that does not seek to maximize profits but to ensure the sustainability of the system.

Not for nothing, the next step is to raise Pedro Rincón, Carlos Lora and Jesus Rivas, the founders of this initiative is extend it to other groups with economic difficulties: disabled, over 65 years or large families, for example. works exactly like many other portals or classifieds coupons use. On its website, and in this case without even signing, can consult the offers that were previously released for free reviewers stores. Also can anyone suggest shops wishing to be part of the network and contribute their consumer power to help the survival of SMEs. The portal does not charge any fees for transactions. All are made in stores and must be presented to qualify for her arrest card. is funded solely through advertising companies claiming a space highlighted, although any small ad free hosting. On the other hand, all assigned small shops proudly wear the badge of this initiative in their windows.

And in the end it comes to promoting responsible attitude. If it satisfies the need to cross the supply of stores to the demand of those with meager resources, each other can gain. The former because they can increase sales while reducing some of the profits and also because they will get customer loyalty. And second because it provides them, unemployed, according to their possibilities that can help them get discounted rates by month-end. Especially if certain commodities are offered. And is that another peculiarity of this project is that it offers cover a high percentage of the first needs of any person, as housing, food and clothing.