Suspended Sercla of Galasa, which also summon municipalities to serving

Headquarters Galasa.

Headquarters Galasa.
Headquarters Galasa.

The meeting scheduled under the service extrajudicial settlement of labor disputes in Andalusia (Sercla) at the request of the CCOO union between the committee of the company Aguas del Levante Management (Wearable) and representatives of the company own a meeting was suspended until Monday.

Trading sources, that seek and agree on a solution to the company's feasibility, They have pointed to Europa Press that the session is suspended until the day 28 to 11,30 hours. Also, It is to quote the municipalities affected by the service and to the Provincial, as majority shareholder.

It is recalled that the union CCOO convened a conference of mobilization and strike, that “remain in effect”, to the situation of the company that manages the water in the Levant and the Almanzora Valley, whose continuity beyond 1 December is in the air due to the imbalance in their accounts, dragging a debt exceeding the 41 million.

The assembly workers –in total they are 97 the affected– He agreed to initiate mobilizations, to which have also been called 60.000 Users of the regions affected, and will feature two days of strike days 29 November and 1 December.

Specifically concentrations have proposed day 28 from the City of Cuevas del Almanzora between 17,30 hours and 19,30 hours, day 29 at the headquarters of the Council of 10,00 a 13,00 hours –concentration will be repeated 1 December– and 30 before the City Council Huércal-Overa, in hours 17,30 a 19,30.

Source: E.p.