Suspended a demolition order on a house in Albox after 16 years of litigation


Courts have suspended the demolition order on a house in Albox after 16 years of litigation. The house was built in 2003, having a municipal building permit and license of first occupation, by Noel and Christine Payne, a retired couple British, now over seventy years old.

The attorney for the couple, Gerardo Vázquez Núñez, lawyer also AUAN, He argued successfully that can regulate housing through an AFO and according to Article 108.3 from LJCA (law regulating the administrative courts) demolition is not the only way to enforce a judgment of nullity. Their arguments endorse a report from the technical services of the City of Albox in favor of giving AFO.

according to Mr.. Vazquez ruling marks a good precedent and welcomes the actions of the City Council technical and legal services and the sensitivity shown by the Court almeriense.

By AUAN, its president, Maura Hillen, adds to the attorney comentos AUAN and adds "It's a good result for the owners of this home and the community in general. I hope serve as a precedent in similar cases and that the Board did not resort. It is a matter of great pride that AUAN has played an important role in legislative changes that have allowed this result ".