Suflí pays tribute to Carmen de Burgos giving name to its historic merendero "to avoid falling back into oblivion"

City Council Suflí celebrates this weekend a day dedicated to Carmen de Burgos and went through a training and participatory project with the women's association of the municipality and the Federation of Women Almanzora for Equality Femaxi that aims to make visible the history of women in public spaces.

The municipal council approved giving the name of the illustrious almeriense its historical merendero after checking with the request made by the Association of Women La Espiga, which aims to bring equality to the street of the town since "historical oblivion and invisibility of women and all contributions to the development and welfare that women have made it is also a form of violence against women, so it is necessary to tell the story again as has elapsed. Placing them in the true dimension they deserve, taking them out of the silence that denies and conceals, giving them the real role they have had ", detailed written.

The proposal to rename the iconic merendero, (historic center meeting women Suflí) with the name of Carmen de Burgos and Segui it is done "to restore its historical memory and most importantly avoid falling back into oblivion, either in small towns where it is also necessary that youth have about their daily life and great women related how she, the first Spanish woman to work in a newsroom newspaper, first war correspondent, teacher, pedagogue, translator, writer and tireless activist for women's rights, with an undeniable role in achieving basic rights of women as divorce or vote ".

The program, financed with funds from the State Pact against Gender Violence, He will next Saturday 29 June a video forum dedicated to the figure of Carmen de Burgos and Segui. Then, will be the presentation of the documentary Archivists of the report by the Federation of Women Almanzora and producer Eight Lobos, "Since the project has a broader commitment that seeks to rescue our memory large 'anonymous' women who deserve all the accolades for his contribution to the development of peoples", He concludes the president of the Federation of Women Almanzora, Remedios Serrano.