Sonia Cerdán be the new spokesman of the government team of Albox.

For the first time in history the Albox municipal government will have a woman from the press. It is Councilwoman Sonia Cerdán, with four years of experience behind them in municipal governance as responsible for Planning and Education in the previous legislature.

The mayor albojense, Rogelio Mena, He explained that "with Sonia Cerdán we will reinvigorate, giving more prominence to the voice of women in the city but representing all alike albojenses. It has proven to be a woman with a constructive spirit of dialogue and, que seguro sabrá explicar la verdadera cara de un municipio que no para de crecer día tras día a una oposición obstructora y destructiva”.

The local government has begun Albox hard work and enthusiasm with the beginning of the construction of infrastructure for the arrival of natural gas, a new gateway to the promenade for pedestrians to cross over the channel, the solution of the Conservatory and School of Music and lighting work, asphalt and etc.. throughout the municipality.

"Over the next few days", He said the mayor, it will finish set "the structure of the government team, Mayor holdings and the delegations of the departments to continue the momentum and corporate work began the same day after the elections ".


It was in the day Tuesday when the group of councilors who form the government team of the City of Albox submitted in writing through the General Secretariat proposing unanimously as spokesperson Sonia Cerdán.

Sonia Cerdán, following his appointment has expressed his "enormous gratitude to the council and by extension the neighbors who have supported us, meaning that assumes this new responsibility with all committed albojenses ", wanting to make "the best possible management and become the public voice of the residents, we are here to work for Albox, to promote progress and build the future, We want fair cooperation of all and we will also govern for all ".

Finally the ruler of Albox added that "it is time to neighbors, it's time to continue working, to banish exclusionary attitudes, to dignify politics and poise, to understand the value of the Constitution and the presumption of innocence and above all, It is time to respect the majority electoral result for the government team and know that we will govern for all albojenses over the next four years ".