Sonia Cerdán, new mayor of Albox


The full Albox (Almería) He has chosen the candidate of the Socialist group albojenses (SADDLE) –previously PSOE– Sonia Cerdán as new mayor of the municipality after last Friday full be held to account for the cessation of the previous court ruling alderman, Rogelio Mena, which it has been disabled for a period of two years and six months for public office or employment for denying information to the opposition.

The session, which it took place yesterday in the hall of the Consistory, It comes after the popular dissatisfaction with the previous session, He has maintained since according to the PP spokesman in the city, Juan Pedro Perez Quiles (PP), It was done under a series of “irregularities” in relation to the call.

A legal opinion held by the popular and well presented in full corroborates that “a councilor leaving the acronym for which has been submitted to the elections –albojenses Socialist aldermen were presented under the banner of the PSOE– You can not be a candidate for the assigned group”. “There has been a breach of law”, has warned.

The vote in plenary has resulted with eight votes for Cerdán eight for Perez Quiles, candidate presented by the PP. The city is divided among the nine councilors of Socialist albojenses –previously PSOE–, Seven PP and one of Cilus, although it has not yet taken possession of its minutes the person who will replace Mena, hence the tie occurred in voting.

“In case of a tie wins the most voted, Socialist albojenses but are not the most voted list”, He has warned. “Tomorrow we will prepare a complaint before the courts of the Contentious-administrative and criminal malfeasance”, He has announced the popular spokesman.

Cerdán, which until now he held the portavocía your group, assumes the Mayor of Albox after the departure of Mena, so what happens to the accidental mayor, Francisco Carrillo.

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