Rural depopulation request to be included in European budgets

Overview of Chercos Viejo.

Overview of Chercos Viejo.

MEP and European Union executive secretary of the PSOE, Iratxe García, today proposed that in negotiating the next European budgets take into account the depopulation and aging rural.

Iratxe García has offered a press conference in Logroño accompanied by the spokesman of the Socialist Group of La Rioja, Concepcion Andreu.

Both participate in a working session on Depopulation, during which they will meet with representatives of the Federation of Rural Women (fade) and mayors and councilors socialist, who they have called in Nájera.

Socialist MEP explained that the problem of depopulation in La Rioja is similar to other parts of Spain or Europe, where he 80 percent of the population live in 20 percent of the territory, so the 80 remaining percent is “practically uninhabited”.

Thus, It stressed that cohesion policies have to address this situation, so that 2018 it will be an important year, since the negotiation of the financial framework for the next seven years begins.

While in the northern regions of Europe, located in the Nordic countries, there is also a low population density, the reality is different in Spain, where people are lost and disappear from the territory, detailed.

So, It has been found that if there are no children in rural areas, close schools and services are lost.

To avoid this situation, It has demanded that all regulations of structural funds dedicated to the fight against specific depopulation items and pointed out that should take into account criteria such as aging and dispersion of the municipalities.

The objective is “make rural areas attractive place to live, in which all public services are guaranteed”, he stressed.

For this, Garcia has considered “fundamental” the role played by women in rural areas.

It has also demanded that the Government of Spain that negotiations be planted to any cuts in the cohesion policies or the common agricultural policy.

For his part, Andreu recalled that his group presented in the regional parliament a proposition of law to increase aid to school transport in rural areas.

It has been found that “La Rioja is not going, and so the van riojanos”, so it has demanded measures such as the execution of the game 500.000 including euros in regional budgets 2017 and 2018.