Requested meeting with Foreign Minister to address the issue of Palomares

Mayor Antonio Fernandez with the PSOE spokesman in the Diputación, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.

Mayor Antonio Fernandez with the PSOE spokesman in the Diputación, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.
Mayor Antonio Fernández Liria, in the middle.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has requested in writing an interview with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Maria Dastis, in order to address the decontamination of Cuevano core Palomares and resume the situation in which is the draft international treaty to accomplish this purpose, document detailing undertaken both Spain and the United States, responsible for the nuclear accident at 1966.

Speaking to Europa Press, headman mayor of Palomares, Maria Isabel Alarcon Flores, He has said that the letter was delivered last week and is intended “address this issue as soon as possible” that, following the outcome of the US election victory Trump, It does not cause too much hope in the consistory Cuevano.

It was during the tenure of Democrat Barak Obama when signing the international treaty pushed. Specifically, the 19 October 2015 the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo, and former Secretary of State, John Kerry, signed a memorandum of understanding pledging to achieve a “major rehabilitation” Palomares environment and the transfer of contaminated soil to a “suitable location” U.S..

“We knew that Hillary Clinton himself was in favor of this treaty, but we do not know how to act Trump”, Flores has moved Alarcon who has shown hopeful to keep the meeting in Madrid with Dastis “before the end of the year” and continue, so, procedures until the team meeting with Donald Trump once it has been invested US president in late January.

The agreement signed during the previous legislature “It was not binding, so we do not know what problems we can find”, He has clarified the mayor headman making it urgent to initiate contacts redound “in what we all want” which is “Decontamination of Palomares” above 50 years after the accident nuclear. It is estimated that still affects radiation 50.000 cubic meters of land.

Source: E.p.