Fire drill and evacuation center Huercal-Overa Health.

General Huercal Overa

The objective of the exercise is to ensure the knowledge and application of the protocols, actions and measures referred to in the center Failsafe Plan.

The health center Huercal-Overa has conducted a fire drill and evacuation, in order to evaluate its Self-Protection Plan. Professionals and users of the center participated in the exercise, which aims to test the effectiveness of the protocols in an emergency, and identify possible corrections.

The fire drill has begun to 10.30 Morning, with the activation of the emergency 112. The exercise consisted in identifying the source of fire, located in boardroom, so the total evacuation center has been necessary, at that time was occupied by patients and their companions, as well as the health and non-health staff pay attention to them. The eviction has been developed quickly and without incident

The exercise included the simulated care to a patient in cardiac arrest, with the application of cardio pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and then transferred to a hospital, in this case the Hospital La Inmaculada, also located in Huercal-Overa.

The actions taken during the drill have assessed response times, executing the evacuation, safety and how to carry it out, and the coordination of actions and the functions performed by the director of emergency, Chief intervention, evacuation equipment, the support, the first and second intervention, and performance of the focal or First Aid equipment.

The organization of the whole operation has been carried out by the Unit for the Prevention of Occupational Risks Northern Area Health Management Almeria, which is carrying out such initiatives in different health centers in its area of ​​influence.

These simulations allow to improve the response and coordination necessary for effective intervention, with two main objectives: reduce property damage and, above all, minimize potential damage to a human risk.

Self-Protection Plan

The primary purpose of any Self-Protection Plan must be to ensure safety against any risk, for example in a fire, both users (Patients and Families) as downtown workers.

Thus, periodically, SHOULD check, by simulated, everything works as expected in the self-protection plan and the various elements that must intervene, do it properly and coordinated manner, both internal and external (112).