Seventy teachers participate in a meeting of provincial Learning Communities in Seron

The delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, He has excelled in the CEIP Miguel Zubeldía of Seron the importance of the Andalusian Network of Learning Communities, in which participation is "a qualitatively very important element in improving yields and consequently on school success". The delegate of Education, accompanied by the Mayor of Serón, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, It has opened in the CEIP Miguel Zubeldía of this municipality, a provincial Learning Communities meeting in which participated 70 teachers from the seven schools that make up the Network of Learning Communities Almería. These centers are the CEIP La Chanca; CEIP José Saramago; CEIP Virgen de la Chanca; IES Al Ándalus; IES Carmen de Burgos; CPR Los Vélez and CEIP Miguel Zubeldía. With them, They were also attended by teachers from schools invited to meet, as IEPC Between Cultures Hellin, Albacete.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the delegate noted that responsibility in the learning involves and develops feelings of belonging, linking, collaboration and commitment to improving. Thus, "Encourage the participation of different sectors of the educational community, students, families and society, It is more than a fad or opportunity and shown today as an essential condition for the effectiveness and educational success ", he explained Fernández.

The organization of the day, held under the slogan "Sharing success", He has been made by the host center, Miguel de Zubeldia and the three CEP's province. Its objectives were to provide a basic initial training on the fundamentals and characteristics of the Learning Communities project; meet the processing steps of a school Learning Community, and learn leading practices and successful performances of different learning communities.

During the provincial meeting in Seron they have addressed issues such as the "transformation and development of a learning community, produced progress and difficulties generated ", analyzed in the course of a table-talk; CEIP host a conference MIGUEL ZUBELDIA "Sharing Successes (Good practices)"And an exhibition performance of the Learning Community CEIP La Chanca through Grano de Oro Ana Perales Gonzalez and Juan Jimenez Galera.

Learning Communities

A learning community is a project of transformation, from schools, and through the use of certain tools, It is focused on school success and, in which, the teaching-learning process does not lie solely in the hands of teachers, but it depends on the joint involvement of school staff and from different sectors, namely, families, associations and voluntary.

Its distinctive feature is to be open to all members of the community in which it is contemplated center and integrates, within the school day, consensual and active participation of families, associations and voluntary, both center management processes and the development of student learning. Thus, the Ministry of Education, aware of the work that many Andalusian centers formed in Learning Community are underway and good achievements, proceeds to regulate, recognize and extend this initiative