Seron to conquer the domestic tourism launches.

Above 35.000 people 40 countries continue monthly all publications. The City Council has enabled four Web portals and has presence in Facebook, Twitter y Google .

The City Council has promoted web Seron four platforms: that offers all the tourist information Seron; that does the same with the Greenway Iron Seron; which is responsible for promoting events like the Feria del Jamón Serrano or Rally Baja Andalucía Seron; and finally, a website that details all the evolution of the Strategic Tourism Plan Seron.

Pages that Facebook profiles added, Twitter y Google + and have already begun to bear fruit. According to data provided by the company Olula Go On Rio, average 35.000 people 40 different countries is a monthly publication of the town during the six months of work. Average 1.200 people access up to the 'Tourism Seron’ en Facebook , while Twitter saw more publications 60. 000 people in the same time period.

The firm commitment of the government team of socialist Juan Antonio Lorenzo promote tourism to your area on the internet and social networking is structured through the General Board Participation Strategic Tourism Plan of the town. A body comprising 40 persons responsible for marking the strategies to follow to work on technical projects (many of which have already gone out to tender) and have already agreed to subsidize the adornment and bleaching individual facades of neighboring; Urgent action in all the ruins of the old town; invest resources in improving the digital image and positioning in social networks; economically provide actions to the signaling of Old or brand promotion Seron, spaces or specific companies through trade missions.

Many of these actions have already been launched, Hull as signage or brand promotion, with the assistance of fairs otras communities, the creation of new tourist image or said promotion in social networks, where they have already achieved the first successful. There have also been special brochures for tourist facilities and have made specific promotional campaigns such as the one carried out in Almería buses that excelled in the back a picture of the people in different routes and tracks.

In this sense, Last year the General Council Participation Strategic Tourism Plan Seron selected by consensus to the most urgent projects which the City Council allocated the budget allocated in the budget 2013 with an investment reached 150.000 euros.

(Journal of Almería)