Pannier, first stop for 'Illustrious Almanzora'


Seron hosted the first meeting with the cultural initiative of the Provincial area III of the Almanzora, that supported by the municipalities of Seron, Taberno tíjola and bring these people the life and history of 'Illustrious Almanzora'.

The hall of this town filled with neighbors and relatives of the pianist Remedios Martinez Moreno (Pannier 1903-1950) to hear the biography guided by the data provided by José María Remedios and Francisco Rodriguez Gimenez.

Mayor Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, welcomed the act, thanking his presence and the family council initiative. Lorenzo recalled the figure of the illustrious pianist, stressing that this tribute history and illustrious career comes to younger. For Remedios Martinez Moreno, the town hall and held a tribute previous recognition to mark the centenary of his birth. The mayor also recalled that the city is completing a history museum where the pianist will occupy a prominent place among the famous people of Seron. The mayor also thanked the family donated the session, who has just presented to the museum by the renowned piano pianist to become part of the cultural heritage of the municipality. "Remedios Martinez Moreno deserves to deepen in his biography", He highlighted, reaching out to the family for a new publication about the famous seronense.

Juan Martinez Torreblanca, on behalf of Provincial also thanked the family presence and institutional support, explaining that with this project, Provincial seeks to highlight the history of famous people from all over the Almanzora. "This valley is full of wonderful people who are part of our cultural legacy", Torreblanca said.

The soprano Laura Moyano, accompanied by the pianist Santiago Alonso, They offered the concert 'The Spanish time', complement the tribute, where vintage photographs will also be exhibited.

Second daughter of the marriage of Maria Dolores Moreno and Enrique Martínez Martínez, merchant, passionate about music and taught himself the interpretation of different instruments. From the earliest years of his life, Music is at the core of the formation of Remedios. AC primary education with music lessons received in Madrid. In this city it is examined at the Royal Conservatory as a free student. Piano career ends, with unusual precocity, ten years. Madrid Seron be the landmarks during his adolescent stage, while he is continuing his musical training. She was aware of his worth and quality of their performances.

Toward 1920 obtains the Extraordinary Prize End of Studies and returns to Seron, where he met the young José Rodríguez Pérez, with which would join in marriage a year later, it recently accomplished it 18 years old. From this union they were born five children who took their life as a mother. Music, which he had been the reason for its existence, He was relegated to a secondary plane and anecdotal of her life, liven up social gatherings held at home, playing the organ in the village church the night of Christmas Mass, or delighting farmers who listened to his performances during summer nights on the family farm, where with great difficulty and, riding a mule, Remedios got out a piano. Like so many intelligent and sensitive women for art, He was caught by the society in which he lived. Being a mother and artist were not compatible activities in Spanish society of the Franco period and even less in this remote part of the Almeria geography. Precocity who chaired his life was evident also in his death: he died before the age of 47 years old.