Pannier, food stop on the tourist offer of 'Costa de Almeria'.

One of the tourist flows has experienced higher growth in recent years is the one to gastronomy as thread. Thousands of tourists visit the province each year looking for the most natural products from our garden, coolest Almería Bay fish and the tastiest and juicy meat market.

Destination within the 'Costa de Almeria', if there is a name reference in terms of the meat industry is Seron. A town located in the Shire of Almanzora has managed to maintain the traditional craftsmanship of products such as ham and sausages getting a craftsman result of excellent quality.

Work, effort and dedication that has passed from generation to generation as a result obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) 'Ham Seron’ in the register of protected designations of origin (DOP) and protected geographical indications (IGP), recognition that came into force at the beginning of September this year.

For a piece has the IGP 'Ham denomination Seron’ must be cured in the town of Seron by a process that includes a period of drying-ripening natural minimal 12 months. The resulting product is a ham and bright red appearance to cut the taste is slightly sweet, little salty, and which has a smell that can range from mild to severe.

The large size and the amount of fat that characterize this cured ham come from traditional farming of pigs and curing hams that are held in the town of Seron since the sixteenth century.

A lifetime dedicated to obtaining the perfect product that has permeated the holidays and traditions of the municipality. With the arrival of summer, Seron pours in its traditional 'Ham Fair'. An event that is very popular among tourists Almeria and promptly attend the first weekend of July to savor Seron hams and sausages produced there.