Seron invest 600.000 euros to improve its urban space and mobility.

It has been selected by the Town Board agenda Friendly, junto a 51 locations over 400 presented in Andalusia.

Seron Township has been one of the 4 selected in our province for the Friendly City project of the Andalusian; initiative that seeks to model urban intervention that generates new points of citizen encounter, remaining space in the car and gives greater prominence to pedestrian and bicycle. Seron and precisely explains the mayor of the town, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, The project is aimed at relaxation of traffic crossing this town to get more space for pedestrians and bicycles.

So, is planned widening of the road to develop a bike path and sidewalks adapted suitable for pedestrians walk dimensions.

The investment for the project is 600.000 euros, of the council will put the 30%; being 70% the amount corresponding to the Andalusian.

The city of Seron has already planned a phase intended for a public participation process and a second stage for the development of projects in order to inform all neighbors and collect feedback from the.

The Avenida Lepanto is an old county road where shops today are concentrated, educational services, health and many homes, so the project has a tourism component on the one hand and sustainable mobility across; since the planned bike path will connect to the Greenway serón through the neighborhood of Los Zoilos. This journey is a necessary step to reach the Institute of Secondary Education, the barracks of the Civil Guard or the municipal sports complex (pool, football field, Gym, sports, paddle ...). One way or another, artery is a structural core in which the traffic entering and leaving the village tip is especially complicated by the hours of use of these centers set.

The object of the intervention is therefore double, and both single. It will be getting a new collective mentality about mobility, facilitating access by bike to the inhabitants of the smaller nuclei on one side, and the other, allowing the inhabitants of the core conduct their daily activities on foot, Avenida Lepanto becoming a street across the road it is today.

Explains the session connection to the Greenway Avenue Lepanto be held following the realignment of existing rural roads. It will be kind layout Via Shared intercity, where coexist occasional vehicles entering the sports equipment or nearby orchards with pedestrians or cyclists.

The intervention will be minimal, mainly signaling and reach will only work of channeling the Almanzora river to create a ford, so that you can cross the river by occasional moments to bring water.

For Avenida Lepanto will act on two scales. Systemically, will work according to the width of each section, locating areas of opportunity and placing the main points of conflict. In detail, inch by inch the street will be studied, giving solution in detail to each situation.