Seron start the program with Youth Employment hiring eleven.

General Pannier

The city of Seron started Extraordinary program Andalusian Youth Employment Assistance with hiring 11 people in the first phase to be completed with other 10 within three months. The council has framed their projects at the initiative of Social Cooperation and Community, through which he has employed these young people in various occupational categories "adapted to the profiles that were detected in the unemployed of the municipality in the ages at which referred the call", Councillor indicates Employment, Carmen Cuadrado.

So, selected have already held their first working session, where they have coordinated their actions to start the project that includes several strategies, a first ofbeautification and decoration of historic streets, (aimed at improving the image of the old town, identity element of Seron as a tourist destination). This section interventions arise in the beautification of the environment, cleaning, maintenance and landscaping, beautification of streets and corners.

The second strategy was to take place onconditioning and improvement of tourist trails and recreational, highlighting the construction of a circular panoramic path that circles around the town of Seron over 14 km route. Also, sand has raised the performance of a project for upgrading, improvement and signaling routes and itineraries in the form of roads and pedestrian paths use, by the inhabitants of Seron moved to the mining town Las Menas to work.

As a final strategy is planned boosting tourism in the interpretation and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage. So, in order to diversify tourism and enhance the value of tourism resources of the municipality, se plantea la realización de acciones de dinamización y creación de oferta complementaria para la interpretación del patrimonio, as improving the assistance and information to visitors, the organization of guided tours and interpreted, planning and implementation of cultural activities and leisure time, the design of tourism products, etc..