Seron launches the recruitment subsidies Board and employs 29 people.

The city of Seron started Extraordinary program Andalusian aid recruitment (included in the Decree 8/2014 extraordinary and urgent measures for social inclusion through employment and promoting solidarity in Andalucía), the Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy of the Government of Andalusia.

The council has hired 29 people through this initiative, with a contribution of 17.000 euros which added to the 16.497 subsidized by the Board, represent an amount of 39.927 euros to implement the project.

In August 10 people have started to work on the project, other 10 People will start in a few days and the remaining nine at the end of the program, to keep hiring until later this year.

The actions that are intended to focus on hiring the 'Conservation and maintenance of the town of Seron', with maintenance of gardens and street furniture mainly.

This program will add two, that the municipality has launched simultaneously (included in the same grant); Program and Food Solidarity Actions with Warranty 2.530,04 euros in food aid for families and Supply Minimum Program Vital to 3.900,00 euros of aid to cover the electricity bill, water or gas; both add 6.430 euros aid.

This initiative is carried out by the municipalities with the assignment of an economic endowment for hiring people who are in a position of seeking employment and that during the year prior to application to the program have not worked over 90 days and belonging to a household in social exclusion or at risk of being.

Councilwoman Seron Social Issues, Olga Lozano explains that "the Government of Andalusia has developed a set of policies of social support to people and families that support their full inclusion in society, personal conditions and decent materials, promoting greater equality of opportunities ", Lozano added that in this context, have implemented a range of policies vertebradoras social cohesion "that now apply to both municipalities oriented welfare of society as a basic security to protect them in life situations and special need".

The city of Seron commence shortly with Youth Employment Programs and Seniors 30 years old.