Seron concludes its panoramic loop trail through the old town.

The municipality of Seron working in the rehabilitation and improvement of tourist trails and recreation, highlighting the construction the panoramic loop trail that circles around the urban center of the town with approximately 11 km route. Also, has raised the execution of a project for upgrading, improvement and signaling routes and itineraries in the form of roads and pedestrian paths use.

"In order to improve and diversify the leisure of the municipality, enriching it with new opportunities to enjoy the scenery, culture and cuisine among others, Seron City Council has launched the implementation of a Project Preparation and Marking of tourist trails and recreation, with the collaboration of Mountain Club Menas ", explains the Councillor for Tourism, Carmen Cuadrado.

Under the Strategic Tourism Plan of Seron, specifically in the strategic axis 4 of 'Creating the tourism product', Building program complementary offer, the creation of a network of trails is contemplated, your signage and approval.

When the project began an inventory was made, in collaboration with the Mountain Club Menas, in order to identify and prioritize existing trails to begin performances adequacy and signaling on the most representative, and subsequent approval.

Among these, considering the interest of scenic trails content, and more specifically in its route combining a portion of the urban environment and one in the wild, and considering that the image of the old town is an identity element of Seron as a tourist destination; it was decided to put first the "Path Panoramic Seron".

This trail circles the city center, Greenway connecting with Iron, forming a perimeter path from which different perspectives of the municipality are obtained, as well as monuments.

In its route we find many points of interest marked, including the Balsas Santa Barbara, the Alconaiza and Olivar, Washers and 2 viewpoints fitted with wooden railing, rest benches and stands interpretation.

The proposed processing is done in a respectful manner with the characteristics of the trail, and is based on small low impact interventions, made with traditional approaches and materials available on site, as rocks and vegetation. Interventions have seen the reconstruction of ruined walls that serve to delimit the tour; cleaning stones, garbage and vegetation along the route; and other environmental interventions in order to recover the generic environmental conditions and landscape, containment degradation caused by runoff and improving access conditions.


It is part of the old train station, today rehabilitated, where also runs the Greenway Iron. Less than 500 m, we will leave to the right down to the Rambla de la Jauca, leaving the bridge on your left. We crossed the Almanzora River and under the bridge of the AL-6403, next to Sports. We will now Bolonor River, after several crosses, leads us to climb, by steps, an irrigation pond arrive at the spot where the Alconaiza. From this point the views are stunning Seron, activate the camera.

We follow track and about 100 m asphalt to take a path on the left, low us to Bolonor River. Continue its downward channel about 250 m to quit and turn right up to old Lavaderos and people along the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies.

Let surrounding the village down the street Bacares, through the old quarter of the Civil Guard. Was soon have a, left we left to go around 200 m asphalt and turn left path that goes to another was enabled as Mirador Panoramic Village. Back to remove the cameras.

A narrow path leads to drop to near the A-1178, and go through the Balsa del Olivar, until you cross, at a point with good visibility, A-1178. During this descent have several points from which we saw in excellent prospects Seron. Come to the Barrio de San Marcos, and passed her Ermita, to cross, by Crosswalk, A-1178 Interpretive Center near Air.

Dirt tracks and path arrive back across the Almanzora River and up the Rambla del Higueral about 300 m. Turn right, after passing under the bridge, leaving the mineral loading Los Canos and Hierro Greenway, where back again at the start in Station carrying the views of Seron to our left.


Travel: Circular

Length: 10,8 km

Estimated time: 3 hours 30 minutes

Time: All year

Net head: 174 m

Degree of difficulty: Means (see MEASURES method)

Type of land: Very varied, earth, asphalt, cement and aggregates

What is a certified trail?

An approved path is a path marked with federal trademarks and meets certain minimum requirements, ensuring proper signage, quality and safety of travel, and details about the difficulty and characteristics thereof.

Depending on their length, the Andalusian Federation of Mountaineering (FAM) homologous three types of trails: Long walks (GR), are those over 50 Km; Short Distance Trails (PR), are between 10 and 50 Km; and Local Trails (SL), are less than 10 Km and minimum difficulty.

The approval process consists of the following steps:

1 – Realization Definition Study for Technical Trail. This study definition includes all actions conditioning and signaling that the path needs to be approved. The promotion of marked trails should be done preferably on old paths and always on public roads or public domain.

2 - Presentation of the study definition for your visa by the Office of Management for Infrastructure and Environment of the FAM (GIMA), award of a provisional number of path, authorization of the use of trademarks by FEDME (Spanish Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing) promoters of the trail, and authorization for the use of informative publication format.

3 – Monitoring a Technician Senderos during project implementation packaging and signage, to ensure it meets all requirements. The marking shall, in design, measures, colors and materials, Manual Signaling Pathways FAM.

4 – After the implementation of the project, Technical Trail forwarded to the office GIMA the acceptance certificate, where the technician certifies completion and proper execution of the signaling pathway, and it receives and the promoter is committed to maintaining the same.

5 – Approval Certificate FAM. If everything is favorable, Andalusian Trails Committee issued the corresponding Approval Certificate to be signed by the President of the Andalusian Federation of Mountaineering. The trail will be included in the official register of trails FAM and in the official register of trails FEDME.

6 – Conducting the informative publication of the trail. Parallel to the implementation of the project for upgrading and signaling, the developer must make an informative publication of the trail: a brochure if referring to an SL or PR and topoguide if on a GR.