Seron signage project concludes with an itinerary through the old town.

The municipality of Seron, through the Strategic Tourism Plan initiated in 2011 to shape an ambitious consensus around the local social and economic sector, is carrying out in recent weeks the program Tourist signage, included in the Strategic Axis of Spaces, Tourist Facilities and Public Infrastructure Nature.

The actions are consenting, one hand on replacing the old signage village (Avenida Lepanto), and secondly in signaling the historic center.

Signaling the village was made a preliminary study of existing signs to the elimination of those obsolete and duplication, in order to replace them with a directional indication homogeneous Corten steel and updated content.

As for signaling historic, in this intone has created a tourist route through the center. The route starts at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Real street passes to visit the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation; Prince Street continues to enter the castle by the audience, continuing the route along Calle Real towards Plaza de Arriba and the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies, back to finish in Plaza Nueva through Calle Real. This signaling has also been made of Corten steel and consists of directional cues anchored to walls through which flows the tourist route with laser milling texts; has also been carried out replacement of existing signs on monuments by identifying totems Corten steel in the Castle, Ermita Church and the replacement of the old panels overview of New Square, Plaza de Arriba and the intersection of Avenida Lepanto. The totems are installed in the same week and the information panels shortly.

As for the tourist signs of the municipal environment in the slums, remember that this was done before a couple of years.

Strategic Plan for Tourism

Remember that the City of Seron got underway at the beginning of term strategic planning in the tourism sector (Strategic Tourism Plan), to shape an ambitious consensus around the social and local economic sector and whose objective is focused on getting a new economic and social opportunity for a balanced future of the municipality.

For this purpose, was established in the first phase, the General Council of Participation, comprising 42 people representing different sectors and local associations. The Strategic Plan is based on Governance, Launch a way of consensus with the social reality of the environment.