Seron conditions and standardises the path of the saw 'From the Thousand oaks'


I circular itinerary 10,8 km that it begins along with the great oak of the 'Carrasca La Poza' and goes to the Cortijo del Pocico, recovering an ancient path to Serbal.

The municipality of Serón worked last year in the rehabilitation and improvement of tourist and recreational trails under the Strategic Plan of Tourism approved Seron 2013; specifically in the strategic axis of development of the tourism product, and inside the building program complementary offer. In this section, the consistory launched the creation of a network of trails, your signage and approval, with the implementation of a 'Project Preparation and Signaling Tourist and recreational trails'.
Explains the Councilor for Tourism of the consistory, Carmen Cuadrado, at the beginning of the project an inventory was conducted in order to identify and prioritize existing trails to begin performances adequacy and signaling the most representative, and subsequent approval.
The City Council began work on the rehabilitation and improvement of these paths with the initial preparation of a circular panoramic path facing the back around the urban core 10,8 km route, Panorámico the Path PR-A 335, which it was approved by the Andalusian Federation of Mountaineering in February this year.
He later began a path that runs conditioned part of our sierra, starting from the neighborhood of Marchal Attorney. Is circular trail 10,8 km that it starts with a great oak as the 'Carrasca La Poza' and goes to the Cortijo del Pocico, recovering the old path that users moved the Cortijo del Pocico to the Serbal. After taking a little height it is out with some plains where access to see the star Crown trail, the Milenaria Encina 'The Base'. From there it ascends from a varied encinar track where we can enjoy a few other oaks of considerable size to leave the Toads, where there is another unique oak. It is then down to the Cortijuelo, It arriving in the neighborhood of La Loma where you are invited to know their Church, another great oak with its own name as is "The Trébedes" and the Cemetery, to take an old path, today recovered, linking La Loma to El Marchal Attorney's remaining some cobbled sections.
Trail of Encinas Milenarias, PR-A 319, It was inaugurated last 8 November, during the performance of the Provincial Circuit Routes and Trails of the area of ​​Sports of the Provincial Program, with a boom and participation of walkers from across the province; and it has the final approval by the Andalusian Federation of Mountaineering.
"Our work for the recovery of its approval and trails, and the promotion of hiking conducting numerous routes throughout the year, It has been recognized by the Provincial Government with an award presented to the City by the 'Promotion of Hiking', in the form of institutions ", stresses Square.