Cultural historic trail to the village Seron Ores Mining.

Next Sunday, Seron City Council has scheduled a historical culture trail to the mining town of Menas. Departing by bus from the village to the 9 in the morning it will begin the ascent to the hamlet where the meeting with all participants and the output is expected the group 10.30 Morning.

The guided itinerary will depart from the campsite and visit, among other points, the interpretation center, the Forest Park and the hermitage of Menas with a symbolic price of two euros that includes breakfast.

Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite landscape of the mountains and its surroundings during the ten kilometers that this itinerary has., scheduled to publicize new tourist spots, such as the interpretation center or the park and the existing or recovered heritage in the old mining town.

Remember that the municipality of Serón has been working for months on conditioning and improvement tourist and recreational trails, highlighting the construction of a circular panoramic path that circles around the urban core of the town with approximately 11 km route. Also, has raised the execution of a project for upgrading, improvement and signaling routes and itineraries in the form of roads and pedestrian paths use.

“In order to to get better and diversify the municipality's leisure offer, enriching it with new opportunities to enjoy the scenery, culture and cuisine among others, Seron City Council has launched the implementation of a Project Preparation and Marking of tourist trails and recreation, with the collaboration of the Mountain Club Menas”, explains the Councillor for Tourism, Carmen Cuadrado.
Under the Plan Strategic Tourism of Serón, specifically in the strategic axis 4 of 'Creating the tourism product', Building program complementary offer, the creation of a network of trails has been contemplated, your signage and approval.

The Menas Interpretation Center has been designed as a multifunctional complex designed to promote the sustainable rural development of the towns located in this mountain range. For this, the House from the director’ conditioned in this case as a module for interpreting the Natural History and Mining of the said mountain range or the so-called ‘house of the technicians’, which in the future will house a visitor center.

The new equipment, endowed with historical or ethnographic elements helps to remember and recover part of the history of this town, of mining in general and of Menas in particular, where the environmental characteristics of the Filabres can also be known. The forest park, that borders the two houses, it has an approximate area of ​​two hectares, where native trees and shrubs have been planted.

The Menas campsite, meanwhile, recently reopened, has activities of leisure for families and groups during with supervised children's areas and camping in nature, among many other options accompanied by an excellent gastronomic offer.