It will draft a kind ordinance for the preservation of the night sky at Calar Alto environment

Heaven on Calar Alto.

Heaven on Calar Alto.

Technicians of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning held a meeting with representatives of the Calar Alto Observatory, Association of Friends of Calar and the mayors of Gérgal, Bacares and Serón, in the province of Almería, to create a working group to prepare a bylaw that will regulate outdoor lighting installations, both public and private. This will be the tool to help maintain or even improve the quality of the night sky.

Also, allow to adapt the requirements of the regulations to local conditions and gather the provisions that guarantee the reduction of light pollution by using sustainable lighting systems, namely, directing the luminous flux toward the surface to be illuminated, always from top to bottom, adjusting the hours of operation and levels way to ensure security according to usage of the area and using a suitable light color, preferably warm. With the application of these criteria, It ensures both a public lighting service quality, such as reducing consumption and impact on astronomical observations, biodiversity and human health.

The creation of this working group, as a collaboration between institutions not only ensures optimal management of public resources to preserve the Andalusian sky, but it involves a firm commitment to the protection of the night sky at Calar Alto Observatory International.

Andalusia has historically enjoyed night skies of very good quality; Proof of this is the location of two professional observatories international character in our country: the Hispano-German Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto Observatory in Almeria and Sierra Nevada in Granada. Currently our sky remains a benchmark for astronomical observation. In our community the 15 % of the population can see the Milky Way from their own municipality. This percentage rises to 100 % in the surroundings of Calar Alto, versus 5 % half of the European Union.