Reinforced surveillance against poaching in the Sierra de los Filabres during rutting deer

The Board has set up a special monitoring device in the Sierra de los Filabres to prevent poaching during the time of the rutting deer. In this work control, carried out the clock, Agents involved Service Environment, a hunting technician and three wardens in coordination with the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard and the Police Unit Attached.

It was found that in the rutting deer acts of poaching increase. Poachers often take this time to bring down their pieces easily, since animals are in their reproductive cycle that makes clump together and are easily discovered. Also, Deer have a developed antlers that give more value on the illegal market.

This is explained by the delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, on the occasion of the workday done in public preserves Filabres during the weekend. Martínez said that 'every year tourists who love nature want to witness this natural spectacle in Filabres. Y, also, every time you have it easier, since there are several local companies, which offer tours and excursions with specialized guides'. This is the case of La Posada del Candil, Camping ores and Oz Nature.

The delegate also referred to the steps taken in recent years by the Board of Andalusia in relation to hunting use of Sierra de Los Filabres' which has become one of the most valued areas of Andalusia in the national context and International big game, an activity with an important economic impact on the region '.

Specifically, regarding the hunting season begins, He has predicted "good results as the year has been good and climatologically all monterías, stalking and other events offered were awarded '. Martinez has stated that all revenue from this activity are reinvested into the natural environment through the implementation of management and monitoring tasks, improve habitats, arrangements roads, planting and other activities for the management of enclosed spaces.